Q) When can I purchase Range of Right® or start using it.

A) The official launch date for Range of Right® was originally set to October 30th, however we decided that there are a few more features we wanted to add at this time. As a result we have pushed back the launch of the software. We will be posting updates and sending out information to those on our mailing list. If you would like to be included on those announcements, please opt in here.

Q) I am currently own a GURU Fit system, is this something that comes with my service?

A) Yes, if you are an active dealer who is using GURU Experience software, 2.0 and newer then you will receive one license per system.

Q) Is the computer I am using to run GURU Experience compatible with Range of Right®?

A) We currently are recommending that all dealers run Range of Right® and GURU Experience on separate systems. This is because right now it is only possible to use one Kinect camera per computer and using the same Kinect for both programs detracts from both Experience and Range of Right®

Q) What hardware do I need to run Range of Right® and can I get it directly through GURU?

A) We will offer a package that includes both the hardware and the software. We will also sell the license for the software should you want to source your own hardware. Please visit our webpage for an extensive list of what you will need to operate the software.

Q) Will GURU be providing video tutorials on how to get started with the new software?

A) We are working on creating some tutorial videos to help you get up and running with the software and hope to have them available around when the software is released

Q) I’m not currently an active GURU dealer but I would still like to purchase Range of Right® what are my options?

A) We currently offer two packages to get you up and running with Range of Right® one that will grant you a license to run the software and one that will include the license and hardware.

Q) Do I need to take a Range of Right® course in order to purchase the software license?

A) No, you can purchase the Range of Right® software without attending one of our educational sessions. However, we highly recommend attending one of our courses. Our courses are designed to teach fitters how to use Range of Right® with all fit bikes, not just the GURU Fit System.