Range Of Right

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Product Info:

• Collects and displays 9 dynamic biomechanical angles in real time
• Ability to record 4 separate videos and analyze frame by frame
• Displays rolling average for each key metrics used most by bike fitters
• For athletes of all disciplines (Road, Triathlon, Mountain, CycloCross)
• For use on an athlete’s bike, with the Guru DFU or any other fit bike
• Uses 8 non-powered and minimally intrusive markers placed on each side of the rider with no wires and no batteries.
• Measures biomechanical data at speeds up to 30 frames per second
• Works in all lighting conditions
• Client management system to keep track of client data for future reference
• Semi-Automated report generation with screen shots and biomechanical measurements to provide to the client
• Requires Windows 10 PC with USB

Download the manual
Purchase markers from Optitrack (skin tape adhesive)

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