Introducing the GURU RANGE OF RIGHT ® Bicycle Fitting Motion Capture system

Perfect Your Fits

-Collects and displays dynamic biomechanical data in real time
-Displays calculated measurements of key metrics used most by bike fitters
-For athletes of all disciplines (Road, Triathlon, Mountain, CycloCross, etc.)
-For use on an athlete’s bike, with the Guru DFU or other fit bike
-Uses non powered and minimally intrusive markers placed on each side of the rider with no wires and no batteries.
-Measures biomechanical data at speeds up to 30 frames per second
-Works in all lighting conditions
-Client management system to keep track of client data for future reference
-Semi-Automated report generation with screen shots and biomechanical measurements to provide to the client
-Low start up and running cost, requires Windows 10 and a Microsoft Kinect 2.0 Sensor

How To Get Started

Step 1 Purchasing A license

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Step 2 Get The Required Hardware

Infrared markers (For more information click HERE)
Kinect (Our Recommendation HERE)
Kinect Cables (Our Recommendation Here)
Tri-Pod (Our Recommendation Here)
Windows 10 PC** (our recommendation Laptop DesktopSee below for details )

**Current GURU dealers will need to use separate computers to run Range of Right and GURU Experience

PC System Requirements

-Windows 10 (64 bit)
-DirectX 11 Compatible Graphics Card
-USB 3.0 Port 1x (For Kinect)
-USB 2.0 Port 2x (For Keyboard and Mouse)
-Intel Core I5 (Or Better) Processor (Recommended*)
4GB RAM (Recommended*)
*Range of Right Software is designed to automatically adjust collection resolution based on your computer speed. A system with inadequate processing power may compromise performance.

Guru Academy Range of Right Supplement Course

Academy Course Information

We are now offering GURU Academy courses specifically designed to teach you the skills you need to take full advantage of our new Range of Right™ Motion Capture fitting system

Click Here to view the upcoming schedule

Range of Right™ Academy Highlights:

- Learning proper application of the Range of Right™ markers to your client’s body
-Learning to use biomechanical data collected through Guru’s Range of Right™ software to help make fit decisions
-Understanding the influence of contact points on rider posture and optimization techniques
-Understanding the different fit requirements of different disciplines, Road, Triathlon, Mountain, Cyclocross and Recreation
-Suggestions for integrating the Range of Right software and data into your fit flow
-Extensive hands on fit practice with other students and instructors

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