When I found out about GURU, I was really excited to use the system and it's allowed me to maximize my riding performance.
- Chrissie Wellington
   Professional Triathlete
The GURU Fit System helped me fine-tune my position and test my performance. This is a great system and I know where to work to improve my performance.
- Peter Sagan
   Cannondale Pro Cycling Team
With my fit report, I am happy to know that my bike is dialed in to meet my measurements and preferences.
- Shannon Carson (founder of toughchik.com)
   Out-Spoke-N (Huntington Beach, CA)
We looked at different saddle heights all while sitting on the machine so I could easily compare which one felt best. I am more aero, getting more power, more comfortable for those longer distance and seem to be getting faster this year compared to last year.
- Jackie Hatherly
   Western Cycle (Saskatchewan, Canada)
I used the GURU Fit System because I was buying a new touring bike and wanted to ensure that I would be comfortable on an extended bike trip. I was able to change a number of fit parameters with minimal effort & determine the best possible fit.
- Brent Jacobs
   Western Cycle (Saskatchewan, Canada)
The fit experience was like getting an eye exam - instant feedback! And that is priceless! The improvement in my riding was immediate - better power transfer and better handling. Anybody buying a new bike should start with a GURU fit!
- Joe Astacio
   Epic Bikes (McDonough, GA)
Moving the saddle or the handlebars a couple of millimeters makes a big impact on your performance. The GURU Fit System is a space age system that a modern team like Cannondale Pro Cycling needs.
- Ivan Basso
   Cannondale Pro Cycling Team
Even on my first ride, I felt an immediate difference in the changes made to my riding position, much better than where I used to be. I feel so much happier on my bike!
- Michelle Vesterby
   GURU Athlete (Triathlon)
The fit has made all the difference in the world! I've set personal records on Strava everywhere I've been. I've recommended it to all my friends. Thanks for the awesome fit!
- Kyle Jones
   Epic Bikes (McDonough, GA)
I love the new fit. I can stay in an aero position for a longer period of time and feel much more stable. If we had done a standard retrofit on another system, (the fitter) could not have moved the handlebars and saddle in real-time or made as many precise adjustments.
- Katie Aguilar
   Podium Multisport (Atlanta, GA)
The system gives you the ability to drive yourself to the best position on your bike. If you want to experiment with a different position, you can move a few millimeters and immediately feel the difference. The new incline and decline feature on the fit bike is crucial for mountain bikers – it’s great to feel how your position changes when you are climbing or descending.
- Marco Fontana
   Cannondale Factory Racing

Fit Questions

How does the GURU Fit System differentiate itself from other fit tools/methods?

Unlike other fit tools, the GURU Fit System™ is the only true fit system available today - creating a precision-based approach to bike fit that features one consistent fit methodology (F.I.S.T. fit protocol) paired to the ultimate fit tool (DFU™) that is outfitted with revolutionary software to deliver tailored results for all cyclists (road, mountain, cyclocross, triathlon and recreation). In addition, the GURU Fit System™ is the only system that allows you to optimize your riding position on numerous stock bikes in our Virtual Warehouse™ (Bike Finder™ module) - and also provides the ultimate in performance optimization with real-time motion capture analysis and Virtual Ride™ (Optimization™ module). There are many fit tools and protocols that can be found across the bike industry - but GURU delivers the only comprehensive system-driven approach to bike fit, providing you with the best possible cycling experience.

The GURU Fit System looks like it is built for serious cyclists - how does the GURU Fit System benefit casual riders?

While the GURU Fit System™ may appear to be a space-age machine that is designed exclusively for cyclists of leg-shaving seriousness, the GURU Fit System™ is in fact the only fit system that offers comprehensive, precision-based fit modules for any cyclist. Other fit systems are designed solely to optimize riding positions for Road and Triathlon/Time Trial bikes - and the GURU Fit System™ is the only system that can deliver the most precise and detailed bike fit for Road, Triathlon, Cyclocross, Mountain and Recreation riders. So whether you're cruising on the boardwalk or charging down a steep trail, the GURU Fit System™ can anyone find the perfect bike to match your riding preferences.

Mountain bike fit is available on the GURU Fit System - can mountain bikers benefit from proper bike fit in the same way as road riders?

Absolutely! Just the same way that road riders look to find the perfect balance of comfort and efficiency on their bikes, mountain bikers require the same level of precise adjustment and fine-tuning of their riding position to get dialed in before hitting the trail. Mountain bikers deserve more than the usual "you look like a medium" or "how's the standover feel?" when it comes to getting properly fit. The GURU Fit System's™ Mountain fit module allows riders to test out individual sizes and cockpit setups before tires get dirty. In addition, the GURU Dynamic Fit Unit's™ (DFU™) incline/decline feature allows riders to test out positions according to changes in terrain - and with an available 18% gradient simulation, it'll feel like you're riding up (or down) some serious terrain! So, instead of guess-timating if you're a medium or a large, the GURU Fit System™ allows mountain bikers to truly find the best bike to match their riding style.

How does dynamic fit differ from other fit methods?

The dynamic fit process is a detail-driven approach to bike fit - one that involves making individual adjustments to your riding position while you pedal on a fit bike. This process ensures that each nuanced change that is made to your riding position is able to be accurately analyzed by the fitter and confirmed by the rider being fit. In addition, dynamic fit allows you to create the optimal riding position for your needs as opposed to manipulating your fit in order to meet the parameters of a particular bike. Conventional static fits involve positioning a given bike on a stationary trainer. This eliminates the ability to experience individual changes to your riding position while pedaling - and also forces the rider to conform to the parameters of that given bike, as opposed to creating the rider's optimal riding position and selecting a bike that will actually fit.

What makes the GURU Fit System's dynamic fit unique when compared to other dynamic fit methods?

The GURU Fit System™ is the only fit system that provides cyclists with a truly "dynamic" fit. The GURU Dynamic Fit Unit™ (DFU™) is the only completely computer-automated fit bike - which delivers precise, on-the-fly adjustments that you can feel instantly. Other fit bikes require cumbersome manual adjustments during fit sessions - slowing down the fit process and reducing your ability to discern differences in individual riding positions. GURU's revolutionary software can capture unlimited riding positions for you to compare - allowing you to toggle back and forth seamlessly between riding positions on command to ensure that you select the best possible riding position. These riding position comparisons are amplified by the DFU's™ unlimited range of motion - which can replicate an infinite range of riding positions and bike geometries to help you find the perfect bike.

Rider feedback is an essential part of GURU fit sessions. However, if a cyclist doesn't have much experience, how do they know what their optimal riding position should be?

During a GURU fit session, even if you don't have a pro's understanding of what constitutes "too high/low" or "too stretched/upright," you will always be able to rely on how your body is reacting to a given riding position or individual adjustment. When you are able to analyze changes to your position while pedaling, you will be able to quickly identify when you feel in control or when you need to make further adjustments. This is directly related to the GURU Dynamic Fit Unit's™ (DFU™) automated real-time adjustments - as you are able to immediately feel changes made to your position while you're pedaling. In addition, your authorized GURU retailer is fully trained in adhering to proper fit protocol (F.I.S.T.) during every GURU fit session - and GURU's proprietary software utilizes industry-proven fit science to keep you within a conforming riding position to ensure maximum comfort and efficiency.

What does "fit-first" mean?

The fit-first bike selection process is the most personalized and accurate method to identify the best bike to match your riding preferences. Instead of attempting to "make a bike fit" via conventional static fit methods, the fit-first process begins by creating your optimal riding position and then pairing your riding position to a bike that will meet your requirements. Instead of guessing on the best size or platform that may or may not match your riding goals, the fit-first process uses your personal fit to drive your final product selection - delivering the best possible cycling experience. Learn more about the fit-first bike selection process here.