Monthly Archives: October 2013

Palo Alto Bicycles – first owners of GURU 2.0 worldwide!

GURU is excited to announce that Palo Alto Bicycles in California has received the world’s first GURU 2.0 system! We are thrilled to partner with Jeff Selzer and the entire Palo Alto team – we greatly appreciate their collective enthusiasm and support for the GURU brand. Be sure to check out the first GURU 2.0 system at… Read more »

Slowtwitch Review – New GURU DFU™

“There is nothing like this bike. It’s way out there in front of the pack. It’s got it all…” Check out the complete review here Thank you to Slowtwitch for the review on our new Dynamic Fit Unit™! Stay tuned for an extended feature on the complete GURU Fit System™ from Slowtwitch in a few weeks…

GURU Academy construction – Phase 1

GURU is excited to announce the construction of the GURU Academy – our brand-new training center dedicated to GURU retailers! We just laid down a fresh coat of paint in our Bethel, CT headquarters over the weekend – next step is graphics, and course hooking up 5 of our brand-new fit systems. Stay tuned for… Read more »

GURU Fit System at Trek Columbus!

Big thank you to the team at Trek Bicycle Store of Columbus for putting together this outstanding summary of the GURU Fit System! We’re excited to partner with Trek Columbus to provide their customers with the best possible fit experience – see it in action here! The Guru Fit Experience – Trek Store Columbus, OH from Kyle… Read more »